Welcome to our 2016 Fall Intern

Please welcome our Fall Intern, Pooja Panda! We are excited to have her working with on Marketing and Public Relations projects for this year.

pooja1Pooja Panda is currently a Senior finishing her degree in Public Relations from the Stan Richards School with a Business Foundations certificate focused on MIS from the McCombs School of Business. She enjoys to use her creative and analytical skills to come up with solutions for a project. She enjoys painting, writing, hiking, and hanging out with her family and friends. She also loves to cook and come up with unique recipes.








Insert your name here, board member of Austin Creative Reuse


Board members are the guys in suit with lots of money, right?  Well no, this is not your father’s board.  Our board is full of creative, strong, smart individuals who want to support reuse in Austin.  Our members include a retired elementary teacher, a new mom, a graduate student, a project manager, an accountant, and a former girl scout troop leader.

We collaborate to help shape the future of the organization, especially as our center grows!

As a board member you would join us for monthly board meetings and have some projects to work on.  You would also be an advocate for our organization and help spread the word about our center and our events.

I never thought I would be on a board of directors but I love it and I am proud to be a part of this organization.  Being a part of a board allows me to contribute to an organization I am passionate about at a more serious level.  It is very rewarding to work together with our great board and promote reuse in Austin.

The experience of being on a board is truly unique and fulfilling in a different way than work or family is.  I encourage you to consider joining our board and complete an application today!   ~ Michele


ACR’s 2015 Annual Report

2015 was a huge year for us, as we achieved our big goal of opening Austin’s first creative reuse center! Our just-released Annual Report celebrates this and our other big accomplishments. Thank you all for your help making it possible!

5 ways to beat the Dog Day Blues while Austin Creative Reuse is closed


Need a reason to stay out of the 100+ temps?  Already miss combing through treasures at ACR?

Here’s 5 ways to beat the “Hotter than Hades” summertime blues while Austin Creative Reuse is closed:

  1. Stay inside and spend some time paring down your craft and office supplies.  ACR would be thrilled for the donations, your storage areas will be under control, and you won’t have to break a sweat.  It’s a win/win/win actually.
  2. If you do venture out, let it be for a good cause – start a neighborhood school supplies drive to help ACR  get ready for back to school.

Suggested items are: Construction paper, art paper, glue sticks and bottles, boxes of crayons, markers, pens, pencils, rulers, markers, hi-lighters, pens, pencils, erasers, scissors, packaged notebook paper, composition and spiral notebooks.


You can contact to coordinate a drop-off time at the center from 7/20 to 8/2, or drop off when we reopen Wed. Aug. 3rd from 10 – 2pm.

Greyscale image of a woman with short dark hair in business attire, holding a pen on her left hand as she finishes marking off her calendar for the month of January being held by her right hand

3. Mark your calendar to come shop at ACR’s Back-to-School Tax-Free Days on Thursday, August 4th from 10 – 8 pm and Saturday, August 6th, from 10 – 3 pm. This is not just a back to school sale- Everything in the center will be tax free! We love you that much.


4. While ACR is on hiatus, grab some inspiration for future projects. You can find volumes of creative reuse ideas on our Pinterest Page . And if that’s not enough, here’s some great repurpose/upcycle blogs to check  out.  Pretty sure bet, we’ll have supplies on hand for your next great project.


cute bundles of craft fabric with endless possibilities!

cute bundles of craft fabric with endless possibilities!

5.   Now’s a great time to think about becoming involved with Austin Creative Reuse – Read how to volunteer or join a committee.

aj               20151212_100645

Don’t have time right now? You can still help our center grow by making a financial donation – Austin Creative Reuse is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We will put your money to good (re)use!

Fabric Samples

ACR has an impressive array of fabric samples right now. We have got all sorts of colors, in a variety of textures and cuts. The best part is that they are priced fairly and are affordable enough to upcycle.

Thought the center will be closed till July 30th, it doesn’t mean that you can’t begin to put together ideas and other needed materials for new exciting crafts!

Here are some ideas we can put on our list involving fabric samples that make for exciting group activities and gifts!

For The Family

  1. Mini Messenger Bag

This style has been incredibly popular for young kids (and who are we kidding, for all ages and genders!) and works as a handy way for parents to store snacks, money and their phone when they are out at a family reunion, a campout or a vacation!

2. Grab n Go Reuseable Snack Bags

These are perfect for kids who get dropped off for daycare, day camps and at extracurricular events because it is portable and light! This little bag can hold a few carrots or peanut butter crackers, making your kid not only less grumpy but healthy and full throughout the day.

For You

3. DIY Pendant Necklace

Make some time for you!!!! You are so important and you are allowed to be kind to yourself—that’s not selfish, that is generous. What better way than to spend some time alone and create something for your self?

4. Custom Camera Slipcover

Another way to commit to some self love is making a handy camera slipcover for yourself!

For Your Home and Others

5. Vintage Wrapped Frame

If you have some free time on your hands, then make these beautiful frames for yourself and for your friends! It will be a sweet hand made thought out gift that you can make and customize as your heart desires.

6. Switchplate Covers

Another idea for your home! This can also be a cute housewarming gift, baby shower offering or bridal shower present—it all depends on what you decide to do with it!

Remember that ACR is closed up until July 30th, but please feel free to look over these ideas, create a list, and check out our store starting August 1st!

Lots of love. x

Kodak Slide Carousel Crafting

We got an influx of these beautiful Kodak Carousels in our center a few days ago.



They are not used as much today as they used to be a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean we can’t repurpose them for daily essentials!

Some cool ideas for these slides are as follows:

Here we have three different methods to repurpose a slide carousel, from a plant vase to a stationery holder for your desk!

A really super easy way to repurpose these sliders is by glueing clocks onto the carousel like this:

You can even buy a few, spray paint them and hang it up in the entertainment room as a nod to film, television shows, and the history of cinema!

Or use them as frames for pictures of your loved ones!

The carousel itself is a great vessel for holding various supplies, from business cards….

….to sewing supplies!

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration to come into our store for Kodak Carousels! They are just bursting with all kinds of creative potentials!

Love and light. x

Welcome Austin Creative Reuse’s first employees!

Please join us in welcoming our first employees.  Jen Mack has joined us as a PM Shift Lead and Caroline Caswell as a PM Clerk.  Both will be at the center for Tuesday night planned activities and weekday evening hours.  Their enthusiasm for Austin Creative Reuse’s mission, knowledge about crafting/art, patience and positive disposition reflect the values of Austin Creative Reuse.

“I’m a mother, a gardener and a Texas transplant originally from the northeast.  I love helping my kids learn about the environment and spending time outside.  I am an amateur crafter and enjoy knitting, repurposing, cooking and sewing.” Jen Mack





“Hello! I am very excited to be apart of the ACR Team. The people and objects that come through ACR are like hidden gems that cater to my odd niche needs. I create communal spaces of tenderness and sharing through serving tea, making plant medicine, tending to wild and weedy gardens, and creating artwork.”  Caroline Caswell








Summer Crafts

Summer is in full swing, bursting with family outings, get togethers with friends, parties at home, and spontaneous travel plans!

If you have plans to spruce up your kitchen, craft hand-made gifts for birthdays, baby showers, and weddings, or have neat hands-on ideas to do with friends, family, and children, come to ACR for all your craft needs!

At Austin Creative Reuse Center, we have a range of summer crafts for you and your family, for cheap!

Here are some quick and easy ideas:

Make some headbands with your friends or children! All the materials you need are available at the ACR. Our affordable scrap packs allows you to make headbands from various fabrics, designs and colors.

cute bundles of craft fabric with endless possibilities!

cute bundles of craft fabric with endless possibilities!






cute bundles of craft fabric with endless possibilities!

cute bundles of craft fabric with endless possibilities (for only a dollar each)!!!

Another activity is creating sleeping bags for your little kid’s stuffed animals!!!!!! How cute is that? I know as a kid, I loved helping my Dadi sew things, and felt pretty grown up too! It can be totally easy and safe, especially with all the supplies we have waiting for you!

boxes upon boxes of tools, resources and ideas for summer crafts! that too, for cheap.

boxes upon boxes of tools, resources and ideas for summer crafts! that too, for cheap.

We also have numerous types of glues, bobby pins, and tools like pliers and scissors, so this next DIY bobby pin making activity is super straightforward.

You could also make this beautiful hand-made pillow for a friend, family member, any loved one! We even have a sewing machine on sale, so if you find yourself without one, come and shop with us!

Lastly, in honor of all the BBQs, picnics, and random baking you will be doing this summer, make some crafty and affordable hot pads, and with our range in fabrics, you will have some bright, flowery mittens, ready for summer fun!

Thank you for stopping by our blog and keeping updated with all the ongoings at Austin Creative Reuse Center! If you or anyone you know has made a craft using supplies from our store, feel free to post it on social media and tag us! We’d be happy to give yall a shoutout!

peace & love. x

Trophy for Austin Recycles Games

recycling trophy

City of Austin’s Resource Recovery asked us to create a trophy for their Austin Recycles Games. We dug deep into our “by the bucket” section to come up with this beauty (total cost, 75 cents). Just a bit of paint and some imagination later, we had a the perfect way to say “congratulations” to District 8 for most recycled and District 6 for most improved. Way to go Austin!

We’re Hiring Part Time Clerks





Austin Creative Reuse is looking for 2 part time clerks.  Are you ready to join an amazing organization and work in a wonderland of a center?

Read more about the role below and submit your resume and tailored cover letter online to

Position Details

Clerk-Part time ( 15-20 hrs per week)
Work week: AM and PM Shifts, weekdays and weekends
Possible schedule options: Shift 1 Wed-Sat: 9:30am-2:30pm ; Shift 2 Wed- Friday: 2:00pm to 8:30pm
Wage range: $11.00-$13.00 depending on experience
Reports to: Board President and Vice President

Who We Are
Austin Creative Reuse is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to foster conservation and reuse through creativity, education, and community building.

  • We collect, distribute, and sell reusable materials donated from industry and individuals.
  • We educate the community about how to reduce, reuse, and create in responsible and fun ways. We make instructional kits, have a library of design and art ideas, and share these online and in-store.
  • We unite the community by hosting a range of events, activities, and classes that bring people together to build awareness around conscious consumption, sustainability, and art
  • We promote awareness of like-minded organizations to reduce overlap and increase awareness of city resources.

What We Offer

  • Fun, creative and collaborative environment that will give you great experience working in the non-profit industry and with a diverse volunteer population.
  • Ability to expand role based on interest and skill set.  This could include assisting with our social media efforts or at our workshops. There is also potential for advancement to an opening and closing center lead role.

What You’ll Bring

We are looking for amazing people with diverse backgrounds and a genuine passion for creativity and reuse. Our ideal candidates will be comfortable talking about crafting materials and dealing with pricing questions.  We expect our clerks to:

  • Be outstanding at customer service.
  • Have excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, especially dealing with register.
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Be able to juggle multiple tasks and work in an active non profit environment


  • Previous customer service and cashier experience
  • Basic knowledge of Point of Sales Systems and cash drawer reconciliation
  • Basic computer skills including knowledge of email, Microsoft Office, and google drive
  • Minimum: High School Diploma or Equivalent.

What You’ll Do

The Austin Creative Reuse Clerk is friendly, personable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Austin Creative Reuse and our mission. This is a vital role as you will be the first and last contact for customers visiting the center. You will be greeting customers as they enter the center and helping customers check out quickly. An Austin Creative Reuse clerk will become familiar with center pricing and will use sound judgement to complete transactions. You will use Square to process credit sales and be able to handle money for cash sales.  You will engage the customer about their experience in the center and let them know about making financial donations, future programs and events.

  • Greet new customers and introduce them to the center.
  • Main point person for the register and front of the center.
  • Manage all aspects of customer transactions including making sure that transaction data is accurately entered into the cash register.
  • Screen items brought in as drop-off donations; provide donation receipts; ensure that donations are recorded accurately in the donation log.
  • Physical Requirements: Push/pull merchandise with appropriate equipment to and from backroom and sales floor. Lift, place, and arrange items on shelves and racks. Bend down and reach above head. Climb and descend ladder. Stand during an entire shift (other than normal break time).

The above is intended to describe the general content of the requirements for the performance of this job. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements.

To Apply

Please submit your resume and tailored cover letter online to

We review applications on a rolling basis, so it is to your advantage to apply as soon as possible.  We will not consider applications without a cover letter tailored to this position.

At Austin Creative Reuse, we believe that diversity makes us stronger and challenges us to think differently every day. Austin Creative Reuse  provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran status or disability.