Buy 5, Give 5 Markers to an educator


We received an amazing donation of markers from Neuland, a developer and manufacturer of  professional learning tools, that was in Austin for the 2015 International conference for the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP).

The markers are refillable and come in a variety of beautiful colors.

When you buy 5 of  any of the Neuland Big One, No.One and Artist Markers, Austin Creative Reuse will provide you a gift card for 5 markers to give to an educator.

Stop by the center and check out these amazing markers and the other great offerings.

the fine print:

  • Start Date:  11/05/15
  • End date for purchase: 12/31/15 or until all purchasable Neuland markers are all sold, whichever happens first.
  • End date for redeeming of coupon: March 31, 2016
  • Educator Definition for this promotion
    • anyone that provides instruction to students
      • primary, secondary and higher education (public, private, charter, homeschool)
      • after school teachers
      • day care providers
      • art therapists
      • art organization or other non-profit that provides education
    • Educator must present valid educator ID or recent paystub
    • Homeschoolers should provide verification from their state or local homeschooling organization where applicable.



By The Bucket

Our By the Bucket section is OPEN!

Fill a bucket for $5 and take home a wide assortment of goodies.

Wood pieces, metal pieces, wallpaper, old calendars, plastic spirals, carpet samples and anything else you made need for your next art project!


Marble Mazes Created from ACR’s By the Bucket section

I’ve had such a blast gathering supplies for our school, Acton Imprimis.  It’s a project-based school, so inspiring materials are really appreciated here!
The school year is divided up into six week sessions.  At the end of each session, the kids hold an exhibition for parents and friends where they get to show off what they’ve learned and created during the last six weeks.   The students created marble mazes with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey Monomyth as their inspiration.
I wish you could have seen how the kids oohed and awed when they saw the materials I purchased at your store.  Having a variety of supplies really helped spark their creativity!
Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource!  
Haven Mass
Parent Volunteer
8600-2 White Cliff
Austin, TX  78759


KXAN Studio512: Recreate with Austin Creative Reuse!

Did you miss Austin Creative Reuse’s appearance on KXAN’s Studio 512? That’s OK, we’ve got the link for you to see it for yourself.

What Can I Do with Bed Sheets?

Growing up there was a closet in my house that produced an avalanche of bed sheets whenever somebody opened it. That being said, bed sheets are bulky and take up a lot of space when not in use. If you have a similar problem and are wondering what you can do with your old bed sheets, here are some options.

bed sheets

Blankets and comforters and duvets, oh my! Photo Credit: Toni Red

Donating is a great way to get rid of your bed sheets. By donating to your local charity or thrift store, you will provide others in need with warmth at night. Regrettably, Austin Creative Reuse does not accept bed sheets, but there are other places where you can donate. For instance, Safe Place, an organization that provides safety for those affected by sexual and domestic violence, accepts full and queen sized bed sheets. Organizations dedicated to animal welfare such as Austin! Pets Alive accepts baby blankets for their kitten nursery and the Austin Humane Society accepts blankets without stuffing.

Here is a list of organizations in Austin that will gladly accept gently used blankets:

Donating Pro-Tips:

  • Check for wears and tears
  • Laundry beforehand
  • If they come in a set, put them together

Remember that reuse is also an option. There are a plethora of ways to turn bed sheets into something else. For something simple, you can tear them up and make cleaning rags. They also provide great protection for plants during the winter. You can even turn them into a hammock or a tent! For the creative types, bed sheets can be converted into aprons or skirts. Those are just a few examples, so if you have extra bed sheets lying around, be creative and put them in good use!




Celebrate National Reuse Day all week.


Share photos online of how you #reuse and then join us on Thursday, October 22nd from 6pm-8pm to make a make a Rockin’ Box out of a record album cover.

Find out about other reuse events on the City of Austin’s Reuse Week Calendar

Here are some ideas on what to share:



the story of our sign

We were very excited to install our Center’s sign this weekend, with help from most of my family and a little google-searching about mounting things to stucco. Hopefully it will make it easier for folks to spot our location on quiet Middle Fiskville Rd.

Volunteer/husband Bryan puts in the final screw.

Volunteer/husband Bryan puts in the final screw.

Deciding on a sign was a bit of a balancing act (possibly I just have balance on the brain as I look at this photo of my husband on a ladder in flip flops). We wanted something that looked nice and was easy to spot, something in keeping with our mission and passion for reuse, and—as an all-volunteer nonprofit—something that wouldn’t break the bank.

Luckily, ’twas the season for the twice-annual Round Top antique bonanza. These events are a reusers paradise. There are fancy antiques, sure, but also buckets of rusty forks, fixtures from demolished buildings, and, increasingly, reuse artists and craftspeople showing off their skills.

You never know what you’ll find among the acres of tents and barns, but prior experience suggested that old sign letters were to be had. It’s an easy day-trip from Austin and hard to resist a visit in any case, so I was happy to have sign-shopping as an excuse to go. Within the first hour, I’d spotted dozens of cool reuse crafts and opportunities, and then, jackpot:

letter alphabet

A field full of letters just waiting to come home with me. I dragged all the A’s, C’s, and R’s into a pile, picked out two good combinations, and it was all over but the stucco-mounting.

Halloween Decoration Ideas

The weather is finally cooling down and Halloween is creeping up on our calendars! Here are some creative ways to haunt your home this fall.







Opening Saturday September 26


Grab your creative juices and come visit us at the Austin Creative Reuse Center.

The first section of the center will open Saturday, September 26 from 10am – 2pm.

From then on, the center will be open every Thursday night from 6pm-8pm and every Saturday from 10am-2pm.

We’ll be extending hours and adding sections to the center over the next few months.  Please be patient with us as we continue to work through our processes and the pricing of the materials.

Our first workshop will be a cape making activity on Saturday, October 31.  We’ll be posting more details in the coming week.


A big thank you to all of the volunteers that have assisted in setting up the center.  There have been many wonderful individuals showing up weekly and several one day events with groups from Little Helping Hands, Americorps and eBay (United Way Fall Day of Caring).


What do you mean by sections?

We currently have the front space open to customers. It is filled with lots of unique and special items including beads, buttons, fabric, markers, canvases and decorative tile. We’ve added some items like corks and paint chip samples to that area for now.

We will be adding additional sections that are focused more on bulk quantities of items like cork, cd cases, small containers, and carpet squares.  We’ll also be setting up workshop spaces for adults and children.  And we would also like to incorporate a gallery and consignment areas.

What types of materials can I donate?

We accept a variety of materials. Please review our materials donation list for details.

I have materials to donate, when can I bring them to the center?

You may bring donations during open hours.

How can I volunteer?

We will need volunteers more than ever now that we have a center to take in more materials. We are planning volunteer events to assist with the setup of the center and to sort materials.  We’ll post these on our events calendar.  A great way to be notified of the events and our volunteer opportunities is to sign up for our volunteer newsletter.




The ACR Pricing Philosophy – Nothing is Free

As we set up the center, we are continually asked what the price will be for the materials we will sell or are asked if we will give away items for free.

We believe that every object has a social, economic and environmental impact that influences our relationship with STUFF.

  • While the materials are donated to us for free, our pricing is based on a value to cover the cost of the organization that includes collecting, storing and merchandising the materials in order to be a financial sustainable organization.
  • The prices that we set are evaluated against market prices (first hand retail as well as thrift stores). The intent is to be in line with the economic situation of our local market.
  • We constantly evaluate the price of items and the time that is has been on our shelves. To encourage purchase and usage of the item, we identify ways to use it and share this with the community.
  • We will donate items and at times will give away items for free. However, we would like to continue bringing awareness to people that there is a cost to the goods.  We do not want to encourage hoarding and we want to maintain the financial sustainability of the organization.

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