Material Donations

If you wish to make a tax-deductible financial contribution, please go to this page.

Beyond just financial support and volunteers, we need material donations to make our cogs go.

If you have something you’d like to donate, please contact us.  We will update the days and times that the center will be open for donations soon.

What We Accept- At A Glance                    What We Accept Itemized Listed
Wish List
What We Cannot Accept
Other Donation Resources
Business Donations

What We Accept- At A Glance16955291679_b324dbcf87_z

  • Art and Craft Supplies
  • Fabric
  • Yarn and knitting supplies
  • Sewing notions
  • Vintage paper and photos, magazines (pre-1970s), maps
  • Office Supplies (no binders)
  • Small Toys (4 inches or smaller- plastic, wood, metal)
  • Puzzle and game pieces
  • Beads and Jewelry making
  • Acrylic and craft paint
  • Wine and Champagne Cork
  • Film Canisters, photographic slides, film strips
  • Scissors, hole punches, paper, glue guns

What We Accept Itemized Listed

Need more details or have a specific item that you would like to donate, check out our What We Accept Itemized List

Wish List

  • Blue Painter’s Tape
  • Sewing Machines
  • Cleaning Service
  • Pricing guns
  • Chalk Ink Pens

We search our donations for items that we need for our operations and buy as little as possible. Our wishlist contains items we need for daily operations but do not regularly collect from individuals, businesses or industrial suppliers.  

What We Cannot Accept

Generally, Austin Creative Reuse will not accept anything that has been exposed to mold, mildew, mice, insects or other pests, hazardous chemicals, poisons, and possible allergens such as peanuts or peanut products. Items may also be declined because they are highly flammable, too large or too numerous, have low reuse appeal, have odors, or are being “recalled” by their manufacturers.  There are some things that we take that we just don’t need all the time because we can’t store excess.

Austin Creative Reuse will not accept the following items for the reasons listed above. We reserve the right to carefully select what we can stock and shelve.

  • NO clothing or parts of clothing
  • NO new or partial used candles in glass or ceramic containers
  • NO Styrofoam
  • NO bedding
  • NO appliances
  • NO electronics (we do accept small electronics for crafting)
  • NO computers (we do accept keyboards and motherboards)
  • NO plush toys  (we do accept small toys (4 inches or smaller- plastic, wood, or metal), puzzles and board games)
  • NO prescription pill bottles or anything that contained medication
  • NO oil-based paint, or house paint
  • NO toxic substances or anything that contained toxic substances
  • NO vases or glass containers without a lid
  • NO pine cones or potpourri
  • NO packing peanuts
  • NO cassette tapes or cases and VHS tapes or cases
  • NO egg cartons
  • NO toilet paper or paper towel rolls

Other Donation Resources

Here are some additional great resources for making donations in Austin.

Business Donations

We are looking for organizations and businesses that can supply materials in a consistent, ongoing way. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

Many thanks to these companies for donating


How to run your own collection drive

This is an example of a collection drive that we set up with the Whole Foods Market corporate office in Austin, Texas.

  1. Set a date. One option is to collect for one week. Most of the donations will probably come in on Monday and Friday.
  2. Select the items to collect.
  3. Send out communication a few weeks in advance to have people start collecting at home and at work.
  4. Send out a reminder the Friday before.
  5. Place containers (large cardboard boxes work) in areas that are near employee cars.
  6. Collect materials as needed.IMG_3027
  7. Coordinate a pickup of the materials from the office/facility with ACR.


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