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Austin Creative Reuse is bringing a creative reuse center to Austin, but it can’t happen without cash, plain and simple.


Two ways to make a difference:

Be a donor and support teachers, artists, crafters, kids, creativity, local business and more

Make a tax-deductible donation and receive a handmade thank you gift.


Attend the event on november 7, 2014 at 7pm

Attend our Raise the Roof fundraising event on November 7th from 7-11pm.

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What is a creative reuse center?

We collect surplus and gently-used materials that are bound for the landfill from local businesses and individuals. With just a little creative thought, these materials can be reused or adapted for a new purpose.

  • Austin Creative Reuse has helped vinyl banners from old advertising campaigns find a new life as colorful, durable tote bags.
  • Last season’s fabric swatches from interior design businesses have become costumes, quilts, and decorative pendants.
  • Foam core signs from industry conferences have transformed into raw materials for educational classroom projects.

The possibilities for creatively reusing materials are limited only by imagination—something Austin has no shortage of!


Who is Austin Creative Reuse?

Austin Creative Reuse is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that collects, sells, and distributes donated reusable materials to Austin area educators, artists, crafters, DIY-ers, and more. We’re giving materials a second life by putting them in Austinites’ creative, capable hands.

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Our landfills are overflowing. Teachers are spending their own money (upwards of $2,000 per year!) on supplies for their classrooms. Curious folks buy new art supplies and then throw them away half-used. Austin Creative Reuse aims to rescue useful materials from being discarded into the landfill by selling and distributing them to people who can use them. If you need inspiration, our expert crafters will teach you how to look at discarded materials in a new way.


How will my donation be used?

All proceeds will fund the opening of Austin’s first nonprofit community center devoted entirely to upcycling and reuse. The center will offer hands-on workshops, raw materials, and an endless supply of ideas to spark your creativity!


First Year Goals

These are some of the goals we’ve identified for the first year we’re in our permanent space.

  • Divert 50,000 lbs from the landfill
  • Reach at least 10,000 students
  • Offer workshops and instructional resources to promote reuse, including growing our collection of educator resources from three kits/instruction sheets to 12, aligned with TEKS and suitable for classroom use.
  • Establish partnerships with three schools or programs to provide materials and hands-on activity kits.
  • Provide in our store a well-supplied and inspirational “maker space” for creativity and invention.
  • Sharing examples that inspire and teach about reuse. This includes running 10 craft nights, showcasing amazing reuse work from Austin’s artist and DIY community in our in-store gallery, participating at 4 community events, and weekly idea-sharing on our blog, Facebook, and Pinterest.


Attend our Raise the Roof event on November 7th!


Join us (literally) to (figuratively) Raise the Roof for Austin’s first and only creative reuse center on November 7th from 7-11pm.