When will you open up?

We do not have a date set yet for opening the store. We will have a “soft opening” soon and a Grand Opening later this fall. This will give us some time to get the store organized and to train volunteers. We’ll continue to provide updates with our progress and will post a date of opening as soon as the center is ready.

How can I volunteer?

We will need volunteers more than ever now that we have a center to take in more materials. We are planning volunteer events to assist with the setup of the store and to sort materials. We'll post these on our events calendar. A great way to be notified of the events and our volunteer opportunities is to sign up for our volunteer newsletter.

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What types of materials can I donate?

We accept a variety of materials. Please review our materials donation list for details.

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I have materials to donate, when can I bring them to the center?

We will be posting the days and hours that the center will be open for donations soon. Meanwhile, please contact us if you have donations that need to find a home quickly.

Donate 0.5% of your Amazon Purchases to Austin Creative Reuse with AmazonSmile

You can make a difference by donating 0.5% of your Amazon purchases to Austin Creative Reuse. It takes 20 seconds to set up and costs you nothing!

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Are you on Pinterest?

We've been collecting all kinds of images on our Pinterest boards for inspiration in projects with reuse materials. If you'd like to become a contributor on Pinterest, just send us a message with your Pinterest username at info@austincreativereuse.org!

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